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The History of Future Associates.

            The innovative and dynamic character of Future Associates dates back to its earliest activities. In 1973 its executive core founded the working philosophy responsible for its rapid growth. Nachshon Draiman founded and manages Future Associates.  He has a Masters degree in Health and public administration from Roosevelt University. Nachshon Draiman also serves on the Board of directors and Board of Governors for the Illinois Council on Long Term Care. He has served on various school boards as well as chairman of many businesses and philanthropic organizations and committees. Since the early 70’s he has been involved with over a dozen healthcare facilities centralized under Future Associates. Future quickly discovered that its service approach could be easily amended to help its development in other areas.

After formally establishing Future Associates in 1977, the executive core continued to grow into a management team of almost thirty professionals.  Future has been involved in caring for over 3000 people and provides more than 1500 jobs.  Future has also sought to surround itself with other human service organizations and currently boasts a network of affiliates in virtually every area of service.  Today, Future directly delivers a variety of its own services as well as offering expert consultation in the development of innovative service models.
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